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Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners is an organization of trained, seasoned carpet cleaning professionals that offers top-notch carpet cleaning services. We maintain a strong image that always strives for excellence in delivering the best services designed to exceed our customer’s expectations. We provide excellent customer service, maintain the highest quality level, and continuously create new ideas to contribute to a healthier home environment.


Carpet is an essential flooring for both offices and homes. It reduces noise and warmth to your foot. It is also one of the significant investments that keep our homes looking good. Cleaning your carpets professionally boosts your health and achieves the perfect look that you may have been DIY. Cleaning your rugs and carpets can eliminate allergens, bacteria, and other health complications.

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Our carpets, upholsteries, and area rugs accumulate many dirt, toxins, and allergens over time. Although it is one of the great adornments that enhances our home’s aesthetic, it traps debris from food spills, illnesses, and other unwanted particles. Carpets in our homes and offices that get too dirty increase health risks, especially respiratory diseases, to employees and loved ones.


Investing in professional carpet cleaning services gets you to enjoy your carpets for many years to come. 



What Makes Our Professional Carpet Cleaners Stand Out


Our team of professional carpet cleaners provides wide-ranging cleaning methods in treating your dirty rugs and carpets. Some of the factors we consider in applying our carpet cleaning method include cost, degree of carpet soil, environmental conditions, and type of carpet fiber and fabrics. We can revitalize the condition of your carpets.


Our professional carpet cleaners attend various rigorous training and courses in carpet cleaning. Our staffs have excellent customer service skills. We are approachable, friendly, and very keen when it comes to the details needed to resolve.


With our services, you get to access knowledgeable and trained professional carpet cleaners who effectively utilize superior tools and cleaning agents to remove soils, spots, and stains efficiently. We guarantee that all of our shampoo, deodorizers, and cleaning aids are hypoallergenic. Our professional carpet cleaners’ skill is efficient in ensuring comprehensive carpet cleaning results. We can handle the most stubborn stains and brightens your carpet. It helps to secure the safety of your loved ones and helps the environment also.

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We have various commercial-grade cleaning equipment and innovative solutions to extract even the minute contaminants from the deepest layers of the carpet. Our persistence and dedication towards the services we offer are unparalleled. Our extraction cleaning technique penetrates deep into fibers and removes common household allergens from carpets, rugs, and upholstery using highly effective and efficient rug cleaning technologies.


Moreover, we take pride in the services we deliver as we go the extra mile to satisfy or even exceeds the satisfaction of our clients. Keeping our customers safe, healthier, comfortable, and happy are our main goals.



If you have issues with your carpets and area rugs regardless of its size that needs attention, feel free to contact our team of experts and experience the satisfying result of expert carpet cleaning first-hand.