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Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners

Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners have invested heavily with our professionals and our excellent carpet cleaning services. Investing in us means that you have invested well in the best future of your home! 

 We’ll make sure that you’ve made the best decision of your life choosing us for a completely clean home. 

 Give us a call now, and find out what we mean. 

What We Can Do For You

Carpet Cleaners Minneapolis we’ll make sure that the home you’ve worked hard and sacrificed to have will be treated to the best carpet cleaning services it deserves. Our professionals’ expertise and experience coupled with advanced technology, methods, and equipment will provide the best care and special attention to your home cleaning needs. Our routine deep cleaning will be applied to all areas of the house while we delicately cleansed your decorative carpets, rugs, and chic furniture. 


What Makes Us Different

At Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners, our highly qualified professionals and specialized carpet cleaning services work in perfect unison to deliver the utmost care and complete home cleaning to your lovely home. You might ask why this is so. Because we make sure that our huge investment with our professionals and excellent carpet cleaning services can meet the demands of the business. We provide the proper training, skills, and experience to our licensed technicians. We ably support them with advanced technology, methods, solutions, and equipment. All these are aimed at delivering the best carpet cleaning services to our valued customers. Your trust and confidence in us is our motivation to excel in the carpet cleaning industry. 

  Talk to us! Our very modest cost has no hidden charges. Call us and see for yourselves. 


What Our Customers Have to Say

Darryl Hopkins

I love it that they don’t back down with any cleaning problems. My apartment has been left behind for almost a year now. Consider the dust, dirt, and bacteria that have filed up in there and with all the clutter and broken furniture. But when they arrived and applied thorough cleaning of the apartment, I was so happy with the results. Everything was so clean as if my apartment was new. 

Raffy Nadal

The knowledge and skills of the licensed technicians at Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners are truly outstanding. They did complete home cleaning at a fast-paced, but the results are so well.

Carissa Khalifa

Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners had satisfied thousands of clients all over the country. Here are some of them and read what they’ve got to say with our trusted carpet cleaning services.

 They did superb work with my upholstered furniture, especially the delicate ones. The care and special attention to detail are cleaning to perfection. I will always hire Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners for my cleaning home requirements. 

Benefits of Having a Carpet Cleaning Company

A happy, fun, safe, and protected home is what every homeowner aspires. After all, it’s life’s greatest investment in achieving a perfect home for your loved ones. At Carpet Cleaners Minneapolis we’ll make sure that your home stays to be where your family has fun, laughter, and quality time together. We’ll always keep that in mind when we administer the excellent carpet cleaning services to your home. We’ll always think of the welfare of your happy family while we thoroughly cleansed your priceless belongings. We’ll always think of our valued customer, the house-dweller where he built the house for.

 We are glad to provide you the many benefits of a deep cleaned home. Here are some of them.

Guaranteed Eco-friendly Cleaning

Your dirty carpets and rugs are carriers of deadly bacteria, allergy-carrying germs, and other pollutants that lessen the good air quality inside your home. These pollutants can also pose health risks such as flu, asthma, and allergies which can cause death if left unabated. To avoid these diseases from affecting your family, call on Carpet Cleaners Minneapolis to deliver bacteria-killing carpet cleaning services to the fold. Our professionals employ advanced methods, solutions, and equipment to eliminate even the stubborn germs and dirt trapped deep down your carpet. When we’re done with the deep cleaning, your carpets will be looking fresh, soft, and clean.

Guaranteed Eco-friendly Cleaning

Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners has always been a safe company that does the safest carpet cleaning services to its valued clients. We take the safety of our professionals and valued customers seriously. That’s why our professionals handle delicately all your furniture, carpets, rugs, and other items that need excellent carpet cleaning. We use only non-toxic cleaning materials that are not harmful to humans, pets, and the environment. With us, your safety is our priority! 

Prevent Infestation

Our professional cleaning services can prevent infestations by dust mites. This tiny creature invades our home creeping through carpets and any dwellings that collect dust. With Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners, we’ll rid your carpets and their dwelling of dust mites that may cause asthma and allergy aggravations. 

Licensed Professionals

At Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners we provide you with licensed technicians that are well-adept with excellent carpet cleaning services. Aside from their technical competency, they’re among the most friendly, courteous, and respectful teams of individuals that you’ll encounter in the industry. They’ll give you the confidence that your home cleaning is handled by true professionals. 

Latest Technology

Not only are our professionals well-trained, knowledgeable, and skilled, but they also use the latest technology, methods, solutions, and equipment to compliment the excellent carpet cleaning services they provide to our clients. We are always in touch with the latest development about the cleaning industry so that we can always adapt our already proven and tested cleaning services. 

Our specialized carpet cleaning services offer the complete home cleaning you need with 100% customer satisfaction. 

Who We Can Help

Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners offer their excellent carpet cleaning services to any type of home, apartment, and commercial business that has any cleaning requirements. We can customize our services according to your specific cleaning needs.

How to Hire Us

You can hire our excellent carpet cleaning services by simply calling us. Our numbers are ready. Let’s start talking about your cleaning needs.


Our Service Guarantee

Minneapolis Carpet Cleaners guarantees that your home investment will be treated to the best carpet cleaning services in the country today. 

People Also Ask

Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Babies?

Yes, overall, carpet cleaning is safe for babies. As long as it is properly taken care of, carpet cleaning is not only safe for babies but can improve their overall health by removing a major source of mold and bacteria in homes.

What type of carpet cleaning is best?

The best method of cleaning carpets is usually steam cleaning, which removes over 90% of dirt and bacteria from carpeting. Dry cleaning carpeting is also effective for ensuring carpets are ready for foot traffic as quickly as possible.

Is wet or dry carpet cleaning better?

The dry cleaning method is very effective, and it may actually be better at getting rid of certain stains, but it can also cause damage to the carpet and the environment. … The wet cleaning method is preferred by most professional carpet cleaning companies. They know it is better for the environment and the carpet.

Which is better chem dry or steam cleaning carpets?

These factors explain why our unique Hot Carbonating Extraction system at Chem-Dry offers a deeper, faster drying, healthier carpet cleaning experience than typical steam cleaning services. When you steam clean carpet, you saturate it with an excessive amount of water filled with soaps and detergents.

Does steam cleaning leave carpet wet?

After cleaning, your carpet will be wet for between 1 to 12 hours. The duration depends on how good the cleaner was. In fact, it is possible you will have to wait up to 24 hours for your carpet to be completely dry after steam cleaning.

How often should carpet be shampooed?

Aim to clean the high-traffic carpet areas or rugs every three to six months. But to ensure your carpet gets the best treatment, hire a professional cleaner to wash them twice a year.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

Bad odors mean the presence of mold and mildew from cat or dog urine. Professional carpet cleaning removes bad odors as well as the resulting mold and mildew.


Does steam cleaning carpet kill mold?

Just because it has a new color doesn’t mean it’s still not there growing. Steam cleaners can actually kill mold. And because steam actually penetrates the pores of the surface you are cleaning, it cleans deep to kill and remove mold, instead of just bleaching it invisible.

Does steam cleaning kill pet urine?

Avoid using steam cleaners to clean urine odors from carpet or upholstery. The heat will permanently set the stain and the odor by bonding the protein into any man-made fibers. Avoid cleaning chemicals such as ammonia or vinegar.

Are carpet cleaning chemicals safe?

The short answer is yes. Carpet cleaning chemicals certainly have the potential to damage your carpet—either because they are the wrong chemical for the type of carpet or stain, because residue is left behind or because optical brighteners are used damaging the carpet over time.

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